Vegan Fitness

Vegan meal plan on a non-trainingsday: 2000 kcal and 100 grams of protein

Vegan meal plan, it is important to keep track of your meals. If you keep track of your meals, it might benefit it you. Hereby an example to get some inspiration out of it. Feel free to add extra calories in this meal plan. 2000 kcal could be not sufficient for your needs, even if your goal is weight loss.


How to make tempeh taste good

Tempeh and a good taste can match if you master the basics. It takes practice to cook it right, but once you get the hang of it..


Vitamin B12 shortage

First of all vegans have a higher risk to vitamin B12 shortage. The daily amount for male and female from the age of 14 is 2,8 mgc per day (Voedingscentrum, 2016). The easiest way to obtain it is to take a supplement.


Dance for an optimal mindset and it will help you reach goals

An optimal mindset is key for fat loss, motion causes emotion (Smiles, 2016). Recently I found Preston Smiles via YouTuber Julian Blanc and the guy is so helpful. Dancing helps to feel great. I started to listen to his book via audible and realized how many times I am out of focus.